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ID Accessories

At Smart Track Zone we stock a wide range of ID card Accessories to ensure your chosen form of ID is worn and displayed in the most practical and safest way for your needs.  Our solutions are suitable for a variety of sectors and applications including security, high risk environments, food production, manufacturing and events.

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"Lanyards are still, by far, the most popular option for displaying and wearing ID cards and name badges, including building entry cards and other smart technology cards. Easy and comfortable to wear, they ensure the wearer always has their ID to hand when needed and it's easy for security staff and other personnel to see. The lanyard itself can be used to help identify specific groups of people, through the use of colour or bold wording and our personalized lanyards help you to convey your brand logos and messages."

All of our lanyards come in a variety of widths, materials and colour options and the majority come fitted with a Health and Safety breakaway, meaning the lanyard will break apart if pulled or it gets caught in machinery. The design of the breakaway means the lanyard can quickly and easily be reattached so the lanyard can be worn again. Our extensive range of lanyards fall in to three categories, Plain, Pre-Printed and Personalised ensuring that we can cater to every requirement, timescale and budget.

Plain Lanyards: From budget to luxury in a variety of colours, patterns, styles, widths and fittings Pre-printed Lanyards: Stock lanyards in a variety of colours, pre-printed with VISITOR, STAFF, CONTRACTOR, STUDENT, NHS, GOVERNOR, PARENT, TEMPORARY, VOLUNTEER or SECURITY

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Card holders and Pouches

Card Polders and Pouches are generally attached to a lanyard or Badge Reels and we also stock solutions for displaying cards in a vehicle windscreen, which are ideal for car park access control, and armbands for security personnel. Card Holders come in a wide range of colours and formats: portrait, landscape, rigid, flexible, food safe, open faced, enclosed, secure lockable, single sided and double sided.

badge reels printing in dubai by Smart Track Zone

Badge Reels

Badge reels printing in Dubai

Badge reels, also known as retractable card holders, are one of the most popular methods of carrying an ID card, and for good reason: they offer card-carrying convenience while keeping a card easily accessible for scanning or swiping. Badge reels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but their basic design is the same: a plastic or metal housing contains a reel and a curled-up wire, which has some kind of card attachment on the end. When you pull on the wire, it extends (usually up to 3 feet); when you let it go, it snaps back into place, remaining snugly held up against the reel housing.

Clips and Fittings

We supply a variety of badge clips, pins, and even magnetic backings, which are perfect if you are worried about damage to clothing. Most of our clips have the connecting strap but we can also provide just the basic Plastic or Metal clips.

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Name Badges

If you want a more traditional style name badge, as opposed to a plastic card name badge then we can supply a full range from budget plastics to engraved metal.

Card Slot Punches

To enable you to quickly and easily punch slots and holes in your cards, either to allow them to be worn or to punch the card to monitor attendance or meal or amenity collection at a function or event.