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event registration rental by Smart Track Zone

Badge or ID Card Printer Rental.

We provide ID Card or Badge Printer Renal Across UAE with software for Events and Exhibition or Conferences at Daily, Weekly or Monthly rentals. Renting a ID Card Printer/ Badge Printer is the cost-effective alternative to purchasing and then take it back after you are done the seasonal/ occasional card issuance.

Often rental makes perfect sense if you are new to a particular type of event and are unsure how a piece of equipment will perform. You have the ideal opportunity to try the equipment at a live event and make money without having to purchase expensive equipment. Rental is also very useful for existing customers, who are doing a large event and need extra equipment and so can just rent what they need without expensive capital outlay.

id card printer rental by Smart Track Zone

You decide how long you need the printer for minimum period is one Day. Decide how many Cards or Badges you need to issue. We recommend always over-estimating 15 to 20% this! (You only pay for what you use). No cards or ribbons are included within the rental period charges because we are unable to presume which consumables you would require. Rental charges do not include delivery to client and return to Eagle Technologies.

We offer various customized badge printer on rental, like
- Onsite badge printing event & exhibitions
- Paper badge printer on rental
- ID & badge printer on rental, Dubai.